If you have a commercial property that you wish to sell or let then we can certainly help you achieve this. With our expert local knowledge of the market and through our network of trusted partners we will ensure that you achieve the best price for your property. 
Commercial property is much sought after in many of the areas we cover and can yield very high rental income. There are a number of lease options available and we can guide you through these to ensure that you have the best solution to meet your needs. 
We have always offered an unrivalled pricing structure of ‘No selling or Letting fees’ for commercial property and a one off ‘fixed administration fee’ to cover our fair and reasonable running costs and out of pocket expenses. All our great and inclusive packages are fair and fixed so you can see exactly what you pay with no hidden costs! 


Are you are a landlord who wants a complete hands-off service and simply wants to see the rent appearing in your account every month? 
Maybe you are a landlord that is fed up of unexpected maintenance bills or surprise invoices from your current agent? 
Don't want to deal with repairs, boiler problems, leaking pipes, and complaining tenants? 
Do you want a hassle free, seamless service and no repair or maintenance calls from yout tenant or agent? 
We at Elite Sales and Lettings take the stress and worry away and give you complete peace of mind with our free maintenance and repair service added as standard to our silver or gold letting packages. 
We Take care of all your maintenance and repairs at no added cost! 
To report a repair or a maintenance issue please use our contact us form on our website or the following details. 
Phone: 0121 771 1771 
If you have an out of hours emergency that is life threatning or immediately dangerous and cannot wait until the next working day, please contact one of the following. 
Please use the below in matters of urgency only 
Gas leak : Transco - 0870 608 1524 
Problem with Electricity: Central Networks - 0845 603 0618 
Problem with water supply: Severn Trent Water - 08457 500 500 
Pest Control: Birmingham City Council - 0121 303 6007/6993 
Bulk Rubbish Collection: Birmingham City Council - 0121 303 6789 


Selling property at an Auction can be a very effective and efficient way to achieve the best price through competitive bidding. It is also a transparent and fair way to sell and extends a fair opportunity to all perspective buyers to bid for the property encouraging competitive bidding often driving a higher sale price. 
Completion times are much shorter, normally 21 or 28 days for traditional auctions and therefore the process can be faster than a normal private sale. Potential buyers tend to be investors or developers and often have a mortgage in place or cash funds available. 
Public auction is a highly efficient, swift and transparent method of sale that is especially suitable for the following types of property that are: 
Difficult to mortgage 
Have structural issues 
Require refurbishment 
Probate properties 
Residential Investment Property 
Houses in need of improvement 
Houses with development potential 
Freehold Ground Rents-both individual & portfolios 
Commercial Property-both vacant and investment 
Garages-both single garages & blocks 
Land-amenity sites & with development potential 
Building Plots with planning permission. 


Mortgage advisors are completely independent and will provide helpful, factual advice based on your individual needs and circumstances. Your Advisor will guide you through the mortgage jungle and find the best deals and mortgage choices available to you. 
With hundreds of lenders and with thousands of offers, your mortgage advisor will source the best mortgage for you from the UK's top lenders and prepare a full breakdown of the mortgage lenders monthly payments, fees and charges if applicable. A fully personalised, no obligation quotation can be prepared and sent to you by email, fax or post. 
Using the powerful combination of practical experience gained over many years, coupled with the latest technology to source your requirements, the advisors aim to provide you with focused, efficient and understandable mortgage advice. 
If you would like to book an appointment with our mortgage advisor, please contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for you to come into the office or book a phone consultation. 


Facing repossession is never a pleasant experience and often arises through no fault of your own. Nobody defaults on mortgage payments on purpose but financial difficulties can befall anyone. 
If you are facing repossession proceedings, allow us to help you stop repossession orders in their tracks. This will be done professionally and discreetly and with total confidentiality keeping you updated at every stage of the process. 
We can help to stop repossession in the following circumstances: 
Mortgage Arrears 
Financial Difficulties / CCJ's 
Divorce Proceedings 
Health Problems 
Probate & Will disputes 
We will work together with you to find the right solution and take away the the stress of mortgage arrears hanging over your head. We can stop your house being repossessed by putting you in touch with our mortgage advisor who may be able to find alternative solutions to meet your financial situation. 
We can also arrange for your house to be sold for cash at auction or by using one of our approved and experienced cash investors to stop the repossession. You can then have an option to ‘rent back’ your property. We have a portfolio of investors who are able to proceed very quickly. 
Some of the other benefits of our Sell and Rent Back schemes include: 
Sell Your House in 24 Hours 
Quick Decision & Equity Release 
Receive Cash Within 7 Days 
No Legal Fees 
No Estate Agent Fees 
Complete Discretion & Confidentiality 
Please give us a call if you wish to discuss any of these options in a private and confidential yet sensitive and empathetic environment. 


Landlords may legally evict tenants for one of three basic reasons. First and most common is for not paying rent. Secondly for other non-trivial violations of the tenancy agreement. Alternatively, landlords may also evict tenants whose tenancy has expired to gain back possession of the property. 
Landlords may not harass their tenants to try to get them to leave. Specifically, they may not cut off utilities and are not to change the locks. 
Landlords must give tenants a notice to quit before evicting them. The precise timing and form of the notice varies by the actual notice used. 
Usually after giving tenants notice of eviction, landlords must wait the given time period for the notice to expire. If, after this time has passed, tenants have not vacated the property voluntarily, the landlord cannot simply physically remove them. Instead, the landlord must get a court order. This is usually a long winded process but that’s why we are here to help you. 
Sometimes, even though a landlord has a court order instructing a tenant to leave, the tenant still refuses to leave. In these cases, the landlord must apply for a Bailiff to help remove the tenant. 
For landlords, evictions are frustrating, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. Landlords will have to pay court fees, instruct a solicitor, and apply for a bailiff to actually evict the tenant. The process can take weeks or months to complete, during which landlords are rarely able to collect rent from the tenant he or she is evicting. Many landlords are not completely familiar with housing laws, and innocent procedural mistakes can delay evictions by weeks or longer and produce a large legal bill in doing so. 
The eviction of a tenant has to follow a special legal procedure and the process involved depends on the type of tenancy. A landlord who tries to evict a tenant illegally may be committing a criminal offence. 
This is why we are here to guide you and offer you through the whole process to make it seamless and take all the stress away from you. 
We offer a complete eviction service from start to finish (excluding court fees) for a fixed Admin fee of £250 to do all the legal notices and court application and bailiff application. 
Please contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for you to come into the office or book a phone consultation. 


We also offer a range of other services in the following areas and would always encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs in absolute confidence. 
Homeless Advice & Assistance 
Prevention of Homelessness 
Conveyance, Litigation & Probate Advice 
Advice on Tenant and Landlord disputes 
Immigration Property Reports 
Property Condition Reports 
Structural Survey Reports 
Homebuyer Reports 
If you would like to book an appointment, please contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for you to come into the office or book a phone consultation. 
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